Werner's Easy Access Attic Ladder 7 - Install the Frame

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  • 3-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-400
What You'll Need
Werner's easy access ladder kit
Measuring tape

Before proceeding from Step 6, you must have a rough opening in the ceiling measuring 22 1/2 inches (22 1/4 inches min. to 22 3/4 inches max.) by 54 inches.

Step 1—Position the Frame

The opening should be lined up with the ceiling joists. Make a vertical center line on the hinged end of the rough opening. Lift the frame through rafters (see Figure 21) and connect four position hangers. Note: position the four hangers over the four rivets on the frame, two on either side (see Figure 24). Hangers have multiple teardrop holes that can be used on 2x4 to 2x8 joist construction. To determine which teardrop to hook over the rivet, measure from the top of the rafter to the bottom of the ceiling (see Table 3).

Step 2—Lower the Frame

Lower the frame into the rough opening, making sure all four position hangers hang from the joists (see Figure 22).

Step 3—Align the Frame

Push the frame as far against the hinged end opening as possible (see Figure 22).

Step 4—Attach the Clips

Attach the four plastic clips to the frame—one behind each position hanger. These clips will assist in adjusting the depth of the frame to be flush with the ceiling (see Figure 23).

Step 5—Adjust the Thumb Screws

Adjust the four thumb screws until the plastic clips are flush against the ceiling. Your frame should now be suspended in the opening and flush with the ceiling (see Figure 23).

Make sure the metal frame is all the way toward the HINGED END and square.

Step 6—Drive Lag Screws

To temporally affix the frame to the opening, place washers on the lag screws and drive them into the two slots designated with "1" in each side of the frame (see Figure 24).

Step 7—Remove Hangers and Clips

Remove position hangers and clips. Your frame is now temporarily secure. Note: the center mark of your frame should be aligned with the vertical center line at the hinged end (see Figure 25). If it's not, tap the edges of the head plate to center it.