Attract Butterflies with a Butterfly Feeder

A butterfly feeder is the perfect addition to your garden if you enjoy having colorful butterflies flittering around. To attract butterflies with a butterfly feeder you need to make sure that it has the right color and the right butterfly food. You also need to be sure that it is set up in an area that is attractive for butterflies.

Butterfly Food

If you are using a butterfly feeder to enhance your butterfly garden then you need to fill it with a tasty sugar solution. To create your own butterfly food you will need to mix one part sugar with four parts water. To entice the butterflies further you can use food coloring to change the clear butterfly food to a bright yellow or orange color.

Butterfly Garden

In order to attract butterflies to your butterfly feeder and to your butterfly garden you need to create a setting that is attractive to the butterfly. To live and reproduce, butterflies need food, water, sun and a safe place to rest. You can provide your butterflies with food and water by offering a butterfly feeder, you can provide them with sun and safety by locating your butterfly garden in a sunny and secure location in your yard and you can offer them places to complete their life cycle by planting shrubs, tress and flowers that provide the butterflies with places to lay eggs, to feed caterpillars, to pupate in a cocoon and to find other adult butterflies in your butterfly garden.