Attracting Deer to Your Yard

Attracting deer to your yard is easy if you live in a wooded area where they live. There are a number of garden plants like tulips and hostas that deer will routinely come around to munch on, but if having wildlife eat your plants is not desirable, there are other ways to attract them in your yard for pleasurable viewing.

Corn Feed

Deer will consume corn if it is readily available in your yard. One way to provide corn to the deer is with a purchased corn block. If blocks are not available, then loose corn feed can be scattered on the ground by trees or a small brook in your yard for them to eat. Most deer will not come up close to a house, but they can still be enjoyed at a distance while they eat their meal. Corn for deer can be purchased from an agricultural supply store and be positioned on top of a small mound or wall in the yard. Deer tend to routinely come through areas that have food sources that attract them, so if you want to see the animals, they will spend time eating their meal in your yard.



Deer will also eat bread that is several days old. Simply tear up the bread and toss far enough away from the house for the deer to eat.