Atwood RV Water Heater

Installing an Atwood RV water heater for mobile use is a sensible choice, for the company has decades of experience producing the best in mobile water heaters. Available in several sizes and with electric, propane-fueled and combination units from which to choose, Atwood RV water heaters make showers, clothes washing and kitchen use possible while traveling. Atwood RV water heaters are affordable and offer a range of features that make installation easy and operation intuitive.

Atwood RV Water Heating Options

Atwood RV water heaters are compact units containing a heat exchanger with a simple hot water outlet, cold water inlet and gas line or electrical connection. Atwood units are designed for use with a small aluminum storage tank available in 6, 10, 11 and 20-gallon sizes. The tanks are insulated with fiberglass for maximum heat retention. Choose between the 1400-Watt, 6- or 11-gallon all-electric model, the 6-gallon, 8,800 BTU or the 10-gallon, 10,000 BTU propane-fired models or a combination unit that combines a propane burner with a 1,500-Watt element. An electric 20-gallon unit is also available.


Electric units feature Incalloy heating elements, while gas-fired units may incorporate a direct-spark ignition system. Atwood gas water heaters can generate between 7.4 and 8.4 gallons per hour of hot water, while combo units can produce as much as 13.5 gallons in an hour when the heating methods are used together.

Lightweight, corrosion resistant and all priced under $1,000, Atwood RV water heaters are the industry standard when it comes to mobile water heating.