Audi Repair Manual: How to Repair All Road Suspension

If you have an Audi car, and are trying to put together a collection of repair notes, rather like an Audi repair manual, then you are probably wondering how to fix the allroad suspension. There are a number of things which can go wrong with the Audi allroad suspension which may not be featured in any printed version of the Audi repair manual, but which will be very important information for an Audi driver.

Air Suspension Won't Rise

There area a few problems with the air suspension failing to rise. If you want to repair this, then you will need to know exactly what is wrong with the air suspension. If the car won't rise, then you may have a problem with the pump which pushes air into the suspension, or the sensor which controls how much air pressure goes into this part of the car. Both can prevent the car from rising up as it should.

Another problem is the compressor, which reduces the suspension when the car is parked, functioning while the car is being driven. This may be a problem with the computer controls, and this will require the expertize of a professional car mechanic. You may also look on the Internet for assistance.