August DIM Star: Concrete Edger August DIM Star: Concrete Edger

Once a month we like to shine the spotlight on an impressive DIYer by giving their shared project the ol’ “Did It Myself” (DIM) stamp of honor. And, as an added bonus, all DIM Stars are automatically entered into consideration for our first annual DIM Awards next May.

This month we congratulate “Trent Vansant” on the concrete edger they made. Share your project and next time it could be you!

What They Did

"Trent Vansant" constructed a concrete curb surrounding the play structure in their backyard in an effort to contain mulch they planned to fill in the surrounding area. They used a garden hose to create their desired shape, and then they carved out and smoothed the area with shovels. Headboards and stakes created the mold for the concrete. Their budget was $125, and the project was completed in a day's work.

Why We Like It

These DIYers could have hired someone to install the concrete edging, but they tackled the project themselves in true DIY fashion. Their end result is a professional-grade playground edging that helps keep their kids safe.
To have a look at "Trent Vansant"'s work, visit their project here.

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