Automatic Air Conditioner for Your Rental Property

An automatic air conditioner.

If you own rental properties and live in a climate that gets considerably warm and humid, consider automatic air conditioner units for your rental homes. Whether you own apartments, duplexes, or homes, you can install units that run automatically, under your control.


The biggest benefit of automatic air conditioning for any home is its cost-effectiveness. With automatic air conditioning, you get to set the amount of time that the air conditioner runs and the temperature at which it is run. This type of unit will prevent others from being able to run the air conditioner all day and night. This will also cut down on the maintenance expense of the air conditioner unit and the cost of electricity. When that cost of electricity is the responsibility of the landlord, this will help you save money.

Regulation of Temperature

With automatic air conditioning, the temperature is controlled. This means the air conditioner is set at a certain temperature or for certain times of day. The rest of the time the air conditioner is turned off, which saves on wear and tear of the unit and keeps the home cool while not creating a huge expense.

Seasonal Regulation

An automatic air conditioner can be reset when the seasons change. You can set the controls to be shut down at certain times of the year when the cooler air is not a necessity. You can keep the unit secure by locking the controller in a lockbox. This will ensure that once the air conditioner is turned off for the season, it cannot be turned back on.

Dehumidifier Option

If humidity is an issue where you live, there is the choice of purchasing an air conditioner unit with a dehumidifier option. This option can also be controlled for regulation so that others cannot overuse it.

Energy Savings

You can buy air conditioning units that are energy saving in general. Only using the unit during certain hours will also save on energy. This is good for the environment as well as your bank account.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

Typically, if you are looking for an air conditioner that can be controlled for temperature and use, then you need to purchase a central air system. Most window or portable units are not the types that can be controlled and locked. With central air, you can cover the controller and install a lockbox from the outside of the home.

You will need to make sure you put the air conditioning use into any rental agreement that is signed by the renter. This will ensure that you and the air conditioner are protected.