Automatic Gate Exit Wand Installation

What You'll Need
Exit wand kit
Plastic piping

Automatic gates look great on the outside of your home. They accentuate a driveway and offer a richness to the exterior of your house, while at the same time keeping out unwanted visitors. They are also extremely easy to use, with a push button remote control to open it from your car and an exit wand in your driveway.

Step 1 – Location

Decide the best place to put your exit wand. Ordinarily exit wands have an adjustable radius of between three and twelve feet. Factors to include are the length and width of your driveway and how far your car will be from the gate itself before it gets to a fully open position. If you want to be able to have the gate fully open before you exit you will need to adjust the wand to the lowest setting radius.

Step 2 – Placement

You will need to install the wand not more than 2 feet from the edge of your driveway, so dig a small pipe through about 1 foot in from the edge, following any contours. Your exit wand will come attached to a long cord which goes to the control box. The cord should be encased in the plastic piping but do not bury or cover the cord until you are sure where it will be situated.

The plastic piping should run from the length of the control box to the underground conduit where the cord will run. Also, from the length of cord under ground, so make sure that the cord is all but fully covered in piping. You can leave a short length on the end of the wand side to allow for movement when you bury it. The wand should run parallel to the driveway but you can place it across ways if needed. Just make sure it doesn’t affect the range.

Step 3 – Install the Wire Clamp

There should be a hole for the wire clamp (which looks a little like the screw clamps you use for your cable TV). Fit the clamp securely to the control box and run the cord along your newly dug trench. Place the wand end a little lower in the ground so that other metal objects of less weigh will not effect the opening of the gate.

Step 4 – Control Box

This will vary depending on the style, type and make of the exit wand you have purchased, but general guidelines will show you how to connect the wires inside the box that attach the range adjuster. Follow the guidelines that came with your particular exit wand kit. There are normally five wires (yellow, black, blue, red and gray), which will need connecting in the right order to ground the control box and give it power.

Step 5 – Burying

Cover the piping over with the soil you removed and flatten it down. Your wand should be neatly buried and out of range of any lawn mowing devices that can tear the cord.