Automatic Gate Operators: Parts Explained

Automatic gate operators are responsible for the smooth automatic operation of gates. These electronic devices help the automatic sliding gates to move to one side, stay open for sometime to allow traffic and then close either on receiving a signal or automatically after sometime. The automatic gate operators are built up of several sensitive units compiled together to make a highly efficient device.

 Parts of a Sliding Automatic Gate Opener

  1. The modular board: Indicates the input output functions of the operator.
  2. ERD: Helps the gate to reverse if it touches a vehicle.
  3. Electronic inputs: radio receiver, key switch, safety loop, telephone entry system, key switch and push button station.
  4. Motor disconnect: stops automatic operation of the gate.
  5. Timer: is adjustable and can be set between 0 and 60 seconds.
  6. Power ON/OFF switch: regulates power input of the control board.
  7. Power management: helps to shut down and recover automatically in case of over current input.
  8. Magnetic Lock: an electromagnetic lock is incorporated in the system.
  9. Burglar alarm: this is to alert the residents in case of force opening.
  10. Surge suppressor: provides protection against lightning.
  11. Gate traveling time: provides the limit to the gate traveling time.
  12. Alarm: activated when the gate is hit by anything.
  13. Radio receiver: receives remote control signal.
  14. 120V AC power: built in receptacle.
  15. Integrated loop detectors: plug in detector for loop and safety loops.