Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve Pros and Cons

One of the new devices that people are looking at installing in their homes is an automatic water shut-off valve. This valve will automatically detect any type of water leak so that the valve automatically turns off the water supply. An automatic water-shut off valve can be installed anywhere in your home, but there should be caution in the location.

Shut-Off Valves Stop Unnecessary Leaks

The main advantage of an automatic water shut-off valve is that you can save a lot of unnecessary damage from water leaks. When there is a rise in the level of the moisture in the area, the automatic valve will shut off the water. This can mean not only hundreds of gallons of water saved, but also thousands of dollars in repairs.

Water is Shut off for No Reason

A major problem with an automatic water valve is that they can have a false alarm. This means that in moist areas like a basement, a bathroom, or under a sink, this device can shut off the water when there is excess moisture due to pipes sweating or humidity.

Tangle of Wires

A complaint that is often made of an automatic water shut-off valve is that the wires can be unsightly in small, cramped areas. In the case of being behind a vanity, there is not enough room to hide the wires without some remodeling.