Automobile Air Conditioner: Troubleshooting Basics Automobile Air Conditioner: Troubleshooting Basics

What You'll Need
An appropriate body sealant
Spray bottle filled with soapy water

Automobile air conditioner repair can be a complex task and, in most circumstances any repairs should be left to a professional to perform. However, basic malfunctions can be fixed by the car owner with a minimum of hassle and with very little risk of exacerbating the problem.

Blower Fan

The most common problem with a vehicle's A/C unit is the blower fan being damaged. To check, turn the air conditioning in the vehicle up to its maximum. If the blower fan is working, you should be able to clearly hear the air circulating. If you cannot hear this, the blower requires fixing.


If the blower fan is working, but the air conditioning is still lackluster, it may be a problem with the compressor unit. The first issue could be the magnetic clutch; if the clutch is not engaged with the A/C, it may require replacement. However, if the clutch is working, there may be a leakage of fuel around the shaft seal of the compressor. To check this, simply take a spray bottle of soapy water and spray around the shaft. If you see bubbles, this could indicate a leakage. If this is the case, simply reseal it with an appropriate sealant.

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