Autumn Color Shrub: Burning Bush Autumn Color Shrub: Burning Bush

If you are looking for a beautiful shrub, burning bush is a great option. The dwarf burning bush is a very adaptable shrub that will not only enhance the look of your landscaping during the spring and summer, but it will also brighten up the look of your landscaping during the fall months when it erupts in a display of bright red foliage. The shrub burning bush is appropriate in growing zones four through nine, so nearly everyone in the continental United States can add this plant to their landscape.

The dwarf burning bush, which is technically the Euonymus alatus Compactus,” does best when planted in partial to full sun. It grows to be about 6 feet tall, but you can prune this shrub to shorter heights if you want. Pruning is best done in the early spring and/or in mid summer.

The dwarf burning bush is a slow grower that has two inch long leaves that are oval shaped and that also have serrated edges. These serrations help to keep deer from eating your burning bush as well as for discouraging other animals and people from handling your shrubs. This is why burning bush shrubs are a popular plant for hedges. In late spring your burning bush will bloom with yellow-green flowers, and then in the fall this plant will light up when its autumn foliage transitions from green to bright rusty red.

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