Popular Coffered Ceiling Kits

coffered ceiling

A coffered ceiling adds a touch of interest to a room. There are several different styles available. Each creates a unique ambience; however, a coffered ceiling takes a great deal of work to install. It’s much easier to buy a coffered ceiling kit. Although they aren’t cheap, they do make for much easier installation with far fewer problems. A number of retailers offer them.

Fanatic Finish

Fanatic Finish ceiling solutions run the gamut of finishes for rooms, including coffered ceiling kits. They are custom kits because rooms come in many different sizes. There are options for different finishes such as wood or faux plaster as well as traditional and contemporary styles.

As the company does the designs in consultation with the homeowner, the buyer gets exactly what he or she wants. They work within a specified budget to create the type of coffered ceiling kit that meets exact expectations.

Pre-assembled kits only require installation. They are less expensive, but they are also limited in the range of designs and materials. The great advantage to the pre-assembled coffered ceilings is that they install quickly, with minimal disruption to the home.

They are among the more artistic designs on the coffered ceiling market. Installing the coffered ceiling kit yourself will require at least 2 people and a reasonable knowledge of carpentry. With a custom ceiling, you should hire a professional to do the work to ensure that everything turns out properly. After all, when spending the money on a coffered ceiling for the home, you want it to look as good as possible.

Curve Makers

Curve Makers promises that their coffered ceiling kits can save homeowners 30% over the traditional construction methods of erecting coffered ceilings. They even boast that most models can be installed in a single day. Their kits use solid wood-poplar rather than plastics for longevity as well as improved appearance. Special grades are available at an extra cost.

The boxes are a simple 2-piece construction. They fit together easily and attach quickly to the ceiling. Once you provide them with the dimensions of the room and the style of coffered ceiling, Curve Makers can offer a quote.

The downside is that they seem to only offer a limited number of style choices. If your tastes fall outside that range, you could be out of luck with this manufacturer. Again, the installation will require at least two people, although it can be completed in a single day by people who are equipped with the proper knowledge.

Hardware Store

Although it’s not strictly a kit, you can buy the materials to make a coffered ceiling from the hardware store, such as the boxes that attach to the ceiling. It still requires you to know exactly what you need and perform the installation yourself. The end result won’t look as good as the proper kits from a specialist in the field, although it will be a great deal cheaper.