Avant Garde Looks With a Bathroom Backsplash Avant Garde Looks With a Bathroom Backsplash

If you want to create experimental or avant garde look with a bathroom backsplash, it is not as difficult as you may think. There many materials and designs that can be applied to the backsplash to make it special. Some great designs are easily achieved by experimenting with different materials and patterns that are not usually considered to be in style, or to even match well with each other.

Mix and Match

When considering designs for your bathroom backsplash, don't be afraid to mix and match colors, patterns, and materials. If you want a revolutionary design, you will need to come up with something that is your own and different. Make your bathroom backsplash different than any other you have seen.

Do Your Own Thing

By definition, something is considered avant garde when it is experimental, groundbreaking, or revolutionary; therefore, you should never feel constrained by designs that are available to you. Feel free to experiment with your bathroom backsplash. If you like black and purple, then you make the backsplash black and purple. If you think seashells would make a good material for your backsplash, then take some glue and stick some seashells on the wall behind your bathroom sink.

Although you may consider the above examples somewhat extreme, they are designed to emphasize the fact that your bathroom is your own. Make it yours by creating an environment that pleases you.

Your Thing May Be the Next "In" Thing

Many people are afraid to try something new when they decorate a bathroom because they are afraid of what guests or visitors may think. You should know that no one has ever created something groundbreaking by sticking to what was already well-accepted and established. They took a chance and created a design that was all their own.

Don't be afraid to create a bathroom space that is different or even radical. Friends and visitors will only occasionally use your bathroom; you will use it everyday. Since you are the person who will spend the most time in the bathroom, you should be the who is pleased by the design.

You may find that your idea is not as far out as you thought. You might discover that you have a hidden talent for bathroom design, and that friends and visitors will want you to help them create something similar. Your wild idea could make you the next Picasso of bathroom backsplash design.

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