Average Cost of a Grey Water Recycling System

Grey water recycling systems are now becoming more popular. As a result, more systems are being manufactured for residential marketing. As the requests grow, the designs and specs of grey water recycling components become more accessible and price friendly. Systems used to cost far too much and it was not cost effective in the long term, so people decided against buying them. Now, with the prices lower than ever, it is a highly encouraging forecast for all eco-friendly products.

Costs Involved

Generally, a home grey water recycling system will only cost you on or around the $300 mark. These systems are simplified home use systems which take grey water from laundry, baths and showers and recycle it for garden use. Some systems can be reused inside the home if there is a filtration system attached to clean the water. It is not advised that you use it as drinking water, however. These systems also reuse sink and bath water in the toilet tank. Some manufacturers offer an under-the-sink recycling system which takes the water you use to clean your teeth, or wash with, into the toilet tank and use it for flushing.

Extra Pieces

Most integrated grey water recycling systems come with everything you need for installation. Prices usually include shipping as well, but make sure you check that before you purchase. You may need some sundries, like pipe fittings or three-way valves. These can be purchased at your local DIY store for less than $50.