Average Cost of a Truck Canopy

If you looking for a truck canopy or shell for your truck, there are a few things that will affect cost. Those are listed here below.


The first thing you need to find out is what size you need and what kind of material that you want it made from. This will probably make a big difference in the cost of the canopy.


Another important factor in the price of the canopy is the age of the canopy that you are looking to purchase. If you are considering on buying a brand new one from a dealership, you can probably expect to pay anywhere in the neighborhood of $600 to $1400 with the average probably falling at around $1000. It all depends upon what kind of features that you want.

If you think that buying a new canopy is not in your budget, you might be surprised at how much used canopies can be. It all depends upon who you buy the canopy from. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1300, with the average price around $800.

Shopping Online

If you look online for dealerships you might get lucky and run across maybe an online special that might enable you to get a lower price on the canopy that you are interested in.