Average Maintenance Cost of Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Wheelchair accessible vans are very important, especially to people with disabilities or people with family members who have such. Proper maintenance of these vans is therefore an integral part of the situation, and must be taken into consideration. because these are the main means of transporting people who use a wheelchair.

Kneeling Suspension Maintenance

Many mobility vans have kneeling suspensions, wherein the height of the van is adjustable in order to accommodate people with disabilities. For example, when a disabled person is about to mount the vehicle, the suspension adjusts, lowering the ride height of the van for easier access. This special suspension must be maintained regularly by qualified personnel and could be costly to repair if they give way. The most common problems are the actuators which could cost well over $1,000, if not given the proper maintenance.

Wheelchair Ramp Maintenance

Another thing to maintain in mobility vans is the built-in wheelchair ramp. If the ramp is motorized, more care must be given to it because the motor can get damaged if it is neglected. Yearly expenses for maintenance are estimated to amount to $2,500-$3,000. A new motor could cost a lot more than this, so proper maintenance is recommended.

Routine Maintenance

Aside from the maintenance costs mentioned above, you naturally also have to maintain the van in good running condition. This includes oil changes, tune-ups and 18-point system checkups. The usual rate for the periodic maintenance of these wheelchair accessible vans would probably range from $400-$600 per appointment.