Blend Your Own Baby Food

Have you ever tasted baby food that comes in a jar? You know, that gummy mess that we scoop out with a spoon and try desperately to shovel into the mouths of our babies; only to have it come pouring out attached to a long string of spit? Yeah, you know what I mean. Baby food. Store Bought. Yech! So why are you still buying it, when blending your baby’s food is so easy and inexpensive? Your little tot will thank you by slurping it down and asking for more! Baby food is easy. All you need is a blender and some imagination. 

Let’s say that you have pot roast, mashed potatoes, and peas for dinner. Cut out a small piece from the most tender part. Cut it up and place it in your blender. Add a spoonful of mashed potatoes, and about 1/4 cup of peas. Include some of the liquid from the peas, or broth, or milk. Go easy. There’s no way that you can get this wrong. Then hit the puree button and blend until smooth. Pour that concoction into a bowl, and starting with 1/4 cup, feed your baby. I can guarantee you that your baby will eat the entire bowl, and you will have to limit her intake wisely, so that you do not overfeed.

I remember clearly, when I finally got the make-at-home bug, after my second child was about five months old. The doctor said, “it’s time to introduce solid foods.” Yeah! I bought a cart full of baby food, and I started to shovel it into her mouth. She spit that stuff out like it was poisoned. So began the first battle of her life. Finally, it occurred to me; would I eat this stuff? I tried a spoonful. Ugh! I spit that out like it was poisoned! Then I thought about what I would like, and that was when I began to blend.

Throwing away leftovers became a thing of the past. Everything I ate for supper, my baby ate for supper, always starting out with 1/4 cup each, and a little bit of milk or liquid, right into the blender. Just enough to make a smooth paste. Your baby will thank you. Your walls and floor will thank you, and so will your clothes. Good-by spitting out. Hello slurping in.

After my third child was born, I never even tried the store bought jars. I blended my own, and she loved it! Through the years I also had less whining and refusal to eat at mealtime. My kids couldn’t wait to go from blend to solid! I was careful, and I simply used common sense.

A few precautions are necessary. No spicy foods, and go easy on the herbs. Do not add onions or peppers. If you need the onions in your own food, serve them on the side, or remove your baby’s portions first. Baby’s food can be frozen and reheated, but do not save food that is contaminated with saliva. Freeze only what has come right from the blender. Never refreeze after heating. Do not blend salad or any foods that may have indigestible parts. Do not give peanut butter to a baby. Peanut butter is a high, and often deadly, allergen. Wait until they are older, and go slowly. Keep things a little bland, but palatable.

Use your imagination. What do you like? I have blended, for my babies, all the wonderful foods on the pyramid: bananas, applesauce, plums, peaches, and apricots (without the skin), meats, vegetables, and even pie.

Fast forward to my twenty-four year old “baby’s” tonsillectomy (which was fraught with complications). Both she and I were told “oh, she’ll lose weight! She won’t eat for a month!” Well, even after so many years, I was able to keep my “baby” at a healthy weight, simply by blending her food. It smelled great! It was delicious! And we all stood in line for more. Happy blending!