Babyliss Flat Iron

Used worldwide and the preferred model of countless salons, hair stylists and individuals, a Babyliss flat iron is a reasonably-priced appliance used to straighten all types of hair, from fragile to hearty, thin to coarse. Depending on the desired look, a flat iron may also be used to create flips, wisps and mini curls. Babyliss makes several distinct models differing in terms of plate length, width, max temperature and other features. With an MSRP of $130 or less, Babyliss flat irons are an affordable must-have for those who enjoy the look of stylishly straight or accented hair. 


A few models included in the Babyliss flat iron product line are the:

  • Pro BABGT 3075 Gold Titanium
  • Pro BABNT 3072 Nano Titanium 1-inch
  • Pro Nano Titanium Ultra Thin 1-3/4-inch
  • Turboion Croc Infrared 1-inch black 

Offering up to 30 heat settings, select Babyliss flat irons feature a ridged, anti-slip handle for easy gripping. Others come with an LED electronic control panel and advanced ionic generator. 

Babyliss Flat Iron Features

Babyliss flat irons heat up to 450 degrees in just a few seconds. Their evenly-heating ceramic plates may be infused with nano titanium particles to help generate negative ions. These neutralize frizzy hair by attaching to positively-charge hair molecules, in effect softening hair, making it smooth, shiny and straight.