Baby-Proofing A Lever Door Knob

Although many parents spend hours baby-proofing their home, when a child has learned how to use a lever door knob, it can be very difficult to keep the child from entering into a prohibited area. To protect your child, take the following security precautions:

Securing the Door Knob

The easiest way to secure a door with a lever doorknob is to install a latch or a deadbolt high enough that a child can’t reach it.  However, parents should be aware that lever doorknobs are the most difficult type of door to child proof.

Covering the Door Knob

There are a few door knob covers that work for lever handles. These covers can be used to prevent the lever from being pulled. In addition to these options, one should consider installing a ceiling latch that prevents the door from opening.  Be aware that this may not be the best option for shorter adults as they may be unable to reach the latch.
Regardless of the safety option that you decide on, good parenting and watchful eyes are ultimately what will keep your toddler safe.