A Must Have Shower Gift for the First Time Mom A Must Have Shower Gift for the First Time Mom

Amidst all the crocheted blankets, crumpled wrapping paper, silly party games and cake of a baby shower is an unspoken secret. It seems no one wants to tell the new mom-to-be the facts of her pending delivery. Sure, she knows it's going to hurt, but she's probably thinking the pain will disappear once the labor is over. Ha! Is she ever in for a big surprise. Given discreetly after the baby shower, this little gift will ease the pain she'll be facing post partum.

A word of caution: dont make this your main shower gift. Go ahead and purchase a nice item for the baby - this gift is in addition to a regular shower gift. Second, be discreet by giving it to her afterwards, alone, or sneaking it to her anonymously. The reason for this is to avoid embarrassing her in front of all her family and friends.

Find a nice basket or gift bag and fill it with the following items: a pack of extra absorbent maxi-pads, hemorrhoid suppositories, hemorrhoid pads/wipes, a small plastic squirt bottle, Epsom salt, cotton balls, witch hazel and an inflatable donut cushion.

The gift is self explanatory. If she doesn't "get it" now, she'll figure it out after the baby's born. She'll appreciate not having to run out to the drugstore for these items, especially when she'd rather stay at home with her newborn.

Suggest using warm water in the squirt bottle after using the restroom and storing the maxi-pads in the freezer and the hemorrhoid pads in the refrigerator. Either write a note with these ideas or use labels on the products. While it sounds silly, she'll appreciate ice cold maxis and refrigerated hemorrhoid pads. Bottoms up!

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