Backfill Backfill

Every builder looks forward to the stage when they can backfill the foundation of a house. However before they can backfill the foundation they must first build the foundation for the house.

  • When you build the foundation you need to make sure that its level for the most part.
  • Secondly, you need to dig a trench that you will partly backfill once the foundation is fully set up. The trench should be at least 2 feet deep. If you live in a colder climate then you need to make sure that the trench is below the frost line. If this is not done there can be several problems later on.
  • Next you will have to build a frame around the trench. The important part of this step is to make sure that the frame turns out to be perfectly level before you can pour the cement.
  • The second to last step involves you placing two rows of rebar in the trench. At the bottom of the trench should be bricks that help support the two rows of rebar. You can then fill it with cement.
  • Finally, you should take out the frames and fill the inside area with 4 inches of gravel placed on a plastic sheets. Then you can fill the inside with cement and backfill the bottom part of the foundation.

When to Backfill

You will want to backfill when you are done with the foundation. If you backfill too early it can cause problems with the cement and foundation.

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