Backyard Putting Green Dos and Don'ts Backyard Putting Green Dos and Don'ts

Getting your own backyard putting green? Terrific. Here’s some important dos and don’ts to remember when planning and maintaining that dream green:

  •  DO make sure to pick a flat piece of land for your putting green. Hilly terrain causes big problems with drainage of your green.
  • DO consider the type of turf that works best for you.  Real grass greens are lovely and cost little initially, but they require constant maintainance, like mowing it every other day with a specially designed reel mower that can cut the grass as short as you need it for your green.  Synthetic turf costs a lot more in outlay, but maintenance, which does include keeping debris off the green, treating it for weeds and bugs, washing it and keeping it moist, especially in hot weather, does not need to be done nearly as often.
  • DON’T pick a spot for your backyard putting green that’s too near windows, parked cars or child play areas. Though you may only plan to put on your green, chip shots do happen and family members, particularly kids, may swing a lot harder than your green was ever meant to endure.
  •  DON’T forget to aerate your putting green, whether you’ve got real grass or synthetic. Ventilation is key to keeping your turf up to par. Use a deep tined aerator to do the job.


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