Backyard Wildlife Habitat: 5 Tips for Attracting Wildlife

Making an attractive wildlife habitat for your yard can be very simple, with a few easy to do tips:

1. Instal a Water Feature

A pond, or even a bird bath, will draw hundreds of beneficial animals to your yard. Make sure that the water feature has a pump to create movement, or you will have a problem with mosquitos.

2. Add a Hummingbird Feeder 

Hummingbirds eat thousands of pest insects every week and are fun to watch. Commercial hummingbird food is not just sugar and water, and should be used to fill the feeder.

3. Plant Wildflowers

The local wildflowers from your particular area will draw in butterflies and birds. They also will not require any additional watering for most of the year, so the wildflowers are very cost efficient. Wildflower mixes are available in the spring and fall at most home centers and greenhouses.

4. Keep Feral Cats Away 

Feral cats account for a significant amount of predation on wild animals, and since they also spray to declare their "property", they can keep a lot of animals from wanting to spend time in your yard. Call animal control if you have a feral cat that stays around your home.

5. Plant Shade Trees 

Trees that give a fair amount of shade will attract many animals. Coupled with a local water feature, you can be guaranteed you'll see quite a lot of wildlife in your back yard. Check with your local greenhouse for the best species to plant in your area.