Bait for Your Minnow Trap

If you are not used to using a minnow trap, you will find that the benefits can be hit and miss without the right knowledge. However, understanding what type of bait will attract what type of fish will be a great help in allowing you to get what you need.


An ideal bait to use in a minnow trap is breadcrumbs as they are not only cheap, but readily available. Although it is easy to pour into the funnel, it is best to open the trap to lay it at the bottom of the jar to avoid it becoming attached to the funnel, allowing the fish to eat and avoid the trap. Fresh water shiners are often drawn by this bait.


Using crushed clams or salt-water mussels as bait for a minnow trap is ideal for those seeking to catch kellies. It will not be necessary to use a significant amount of bait and you will find that leaving the trap in place for fifteen minutes is sufficient to get a decent result.   


One of the best baits to use for a minnow trap is a few of the caught fish. Many are more likely to enter the trap if they already see some of their number in it.