Balance Function and Style with Double Roman Shades

Double roman shades add a unique style element to your windows by allowing you to use different types of fabric within the same window treatment. Using double roman shades can make a statement in any room and have a multitude of functions in addition to the eye catching design element.

What are Double Roman Shades?

As the name suggests, double roman shades consist of one shade that is mounted in front of another on a single rail. These come in three different styles: a heavier shade backed by a sheer shade, a sheer shade backed by a heavier shade, or two sheer shades. The added layer affords you a wealth of design possibilities.

Saving Energy while Looking Good

The most common variation of double roman shades features a heavier shade in front backed by a sheer shade. Double roman shades fronted with a heavier shade place an emphasis on a bold display. When the double roman shade is closed, it offers up a bold visual display, while the sheer shade in the back offers an additional layer of ultra violet protection. When the heavier shade is drawn, it serves as an eye catching valance for the sheer shade.

Double roman shades that feature the heavier shades in the back fronted by a sheer shade are just as functional and appealing as the above style. The sheer shade softly mutes the color and design of the heavier shade. This effect can coordinate well in a room that has a French or a country chic decor. By backing the sheer with a heavier shade, you can reduce the amount of heat transfer from outside to inside as well as keep some of the cold air on the outside.

A Unique Design Element

To add even more of a unique, custom feel, opt for double roman shades that are constructed of two sheer shades. This look is exotic and fuses bright colors wonderfully. Although this style does not offer the amount of privacy as that of traditional double roman shades, the beautiful shimmers that are created as light shines through the shades make this style of double roman shades great for living rooms and dining areas. For a simple, clean effect, opt for white sheers backed by a bright color such as a red or a blue. You can also try using a patterned fabric fronted by a sheer, plain shade to add a flair to your window treatment.

Mixing it Up

By using a mixture of all three styles, the heavier shade backed by the sheer, the sheer backed by the heavier shade or tow sheer shades together, can add depth and a fresh, new design look to an entire room or home. In addition, many custom double roman shades feature a construction that allows the top piece to be removed so you have additional design opportunities to vary the look of the window treatment within a room or in multiple rooms that feature similar style and design ideas.