Balustrade Balustrade

A balustrade is the railing that is made up of balusters, top rail, and sometimes the bottom rail that is used on the edge of stairs, balconies, and porches.

There are a few different types of balustrades. Some are Polyurethane Balustrade. Those are lightweight yet structural. The Polyurethane Balustrade is high density. A Foam baluster is actually a misnomer since the foam balustrade system has a density that is similar to white pine. Therefore, it is sturdy like wood and feels like wood but won't rot, crack, or split.

Different Types of a Balustrade

Another type is the Polymer Stone Balustrade. With the Polymer Stone Balustrades they are using a combination of the polymer resin, limestone dust and pigment resulting in a man-made stone balustrade. The Polymer Stone balustrade system is finished with a light texture and is maintenance free.

You can look around for the perfect balustrade that matches the type of porch or stairs that you like. You can often get them custom made. In a lot of stores you can get a catalog to look at all the designs and colors that are offered.


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