Bamboo: An Unconventional Approach to Shower Curtain Hooks


Bamboo has found many different uses, from clothing and flooring to kitchen and bathroom accessories. Consider using bamboo shower curtain hooks. These eco-friendly accessories add an exotic look to your bathroom space and complement other accessories.

What Bamboo Shower Curtain Hooks Are Available

Several types of bamboo shower curtain hooks and rings are available. One type has bamboo pieces embedded into black Lucite plastic. They look like bamboo medallions on a traditional metal hook.

Another simple and elegant design has a ring and hook made from a single piece of bamboo. It features a varnished bamboo piece with an end that hooks over your shower curtain rod and another end with a grommet.

Bamboo shower curtain hooks come in all shades, from dark to light. There are also ceramic and plastic versions that are made to look like bamboo. Bamboo comes in different hooks for different looks. You can create an exotic, relaxed, tropical, or even a jungle theme with the different styles available.