Bamboo Flooring Installation Cost Estimation

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Pricing bamboo flooring installation is something that has to be done before you can decide whether or not you should get a bamboo floor. If you do not plan on doing the work yourself, you are going to have to get some different quotes for the installation. Bamboo flooring installation can vary widely based on a number of different factors. You could find someone that would do it as cheaply as $1.50 per square foot and other places may charge you $5.00 per square foot. Here are the basics of how to estimate the cost of bamboo flooring installation.

Measure the Space

Before you start getting estimates, you need to measure the space that you plan on covering. Take your tape measure and get the length and width of every room. Multiply the two numbers together and then add about 5% for waste. A professional installer should be able to get by with a little less waste than if you were doing it yourself, so 5% should be sufficient. Knowing the square footage that you plan on covering will help you to get the most accurate cost estimate.

Know What You Have

You also need to determine exactly what all will be involved in the job. Many customers have no idea what is involved with a typical bamboo flooring installation. Therefore, if you take note of all of the work that has to be done it will help. Do you plan on moving the furniture? Is there a take-up of any old flooring involved? Are you on a concrete subfloor or wood? Do you want a floating installation, glue down, or nail down? Will they have to undercut a fireplace? When you start talking to installers, they will need to know all of this to give you an accurate price. Therefore, getting all of this information on paper at the beginning is helpful.

Call Around

Once you know the footage and the specifics of the job, you should look up the numbers for local flooring companies and start calling them. Talk to someone that can give you a rough estimate over the phone. They will not be able to give you an official estimate until they look at the job. However, they can give you a rough estimate with the information that you have gathered.

Ask the Right Questions

When determining how much the job will cost, you need to ask the right questions. Not all installations are created equal and you should understand this going in. Ask them what the price includes. Ask them if there is any labor warranty involved. Many installers will give you a one-year installation warranty on the work that they do.

However, some places will actually provide you with a lifetime installation warranty. Those with the longer warranties will usually charge a bit more because they take greater pride in their work. Ask them to give you a price for everything that you want to be done. When you do this with a few different companies, you should be able to get an idea of how much the process will cost.