Bamboo Outdoor Blinds vs Plastic Outdoor Blinds


Bamboo outdoor blinds provide a natural, exotic appearance to any building. Many people prefer plastic outdoor blinds because they are easy to maintain and they are available in many different varieties. However, bamboo outdoor blinds have some definite advantages over plastic, which is why they are expanding in popularity.

Energy Friendly

Bamboo is a completely natural material as compared to man-made, synthetic plastic. It is free from toxins and chemicals that can pollute your backyard and living space. Bamboo is definitely an energy-friendly alternative because it does not contribute to landfill waste, unlike plastic blinds. You can recycle or reuse bamboo blinds when you do not want to use them anymore.


Plastic outdoor shades do not have anything innovative or attractive to offer in terms of appearance. In contrast, bamboo outdoor blinds give a naturally outdoorsy look to your backyard or patio. Bamboo blinds are much more pleasing to the eye and add a unique touch to the landscape.


Bamboo is a tough, durable material that requires minimal maintenance and care. Though more expensive than plastic, these blinds offer a range of decorating and renovating possibilities. You can paint bamboo blinds in any color or shade to match the surrounding space. Bamboo outdoor blinds can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth, unlike most plastic blinds that must be removed and washed when dirty.