Bamboo Shades

Eco-friendly interior design is quickly becoming a popular movement. One of the fastest and cheapest ways to switch over to “green” décor is by adding bamboo shades. Bamboo shades are not always made entirely of bamboo but all sorts of reeds, grasses, and natural woods. While bamboo shades are beautiful, eco-friendly, and inexpensive, there are a few things you need to know to incorporate them best into your décor.

Getting the Most From Bamboo Shades

Many bamboo shades are not the best light blockers. They also don’t provide ultimate privacy as you can often see silhouettes through them easily. To combat this problem with bamboo shades, you need to double them with a liner. Most bamboo shades come with an optional liner designed especially to fit them at an additional charge. If they don’t, you can make a liner yourself.

Another issue with bamboo shades is that the edges often look rough and unfinished. This is ok in some aesthetics, but sometimes you may desire a more polished look. Some bamboo shades come with custom tape edges and valances. If not, you may want to consider finishing the edges yourself. You may also want to use drapes over the bamboo shades to soften the look.