Banana Growing in Your Backyard: 5 Basic Tips

Banana growing can be a tricky affair. However, these tips will not only ensure that your planted banana takes off but it is also bound to flourish.

  • Identify the areas in your garden where sunlight is optimally received as banana plants thrive in plenty of sunlight.
  • Banana plants are best propagated by obtaining a sucker from a mature banana plant. Make sure that the root system is well developed. Carefully extract the sucker from the mother plant using a sharp implement. Alternatively you can cut off part of the rhizomes.
  • Dig holes of about 3 feet and leave at least 8 feet of space between the planted bananas as the roots require sufficient space to grow. Adequate space will also allow the banana plant to grow comfortably without being restricted when it is mature.
  • To ensure optimal growth and fruit production, plenty of moisture is required in the first four months as well as fertilizers.
  • Mulching is vital. It minimizes growth of weeds, helps in retaining moisture and facilitates the absorption of fertilizer by the banana plant. Older banana leaves and dying banana stalks are ideal for using as mulch as banana foliage is rich in potassium and will enrich soil organic composition.