Bar Bracket Corbels Bar Bracket Corbels

While many people think that bar bracket corbels are one product, they are wrong. They are actually two different products: brackets and corbels. They are both used as functional and decorative elements in kitchens, since heavy countertops often need support. 


While both corbels and brackets are fixed to a wall and support weight, the difference is their width. Corbels are thicker than brackets. While corbels are usually as wide as they are deep, brackets can sometimes be two to four times deeper than their width. 

Different Styles

Both corbels and brackets come in different styles. They are available in simple designs or intricate carvings. Brackets can also be found in iron and can be either very streamlined or intricately designed. 


You can get both brackets and corbels in different materials. The most common ones are wood (including maple, oak, cherry and alder), but you can also get brackets in iron and other metals. 


Depending on the requirements you have, you can go with either brackets or corbels. If you want a modern look, you might want to go with iron brackets, but you can get both brackets or corbels in wood. When using them, make sure that the depth of the corbel or bracket is between one-half and three-quarters of the overhang it needs to support. Also, the bracket or corbels need to be a maximum of three feet apart to provide proper support. 

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