Give Your Bar Top Table a Unique Look Give Your Bar Top Table a Unique Look

With some minor modifications, you can transform your rec room table into a your bar top table will have a unique look that'll be the topic of conversation among your guests.

Giving you bar top table a routed edge is one way you can achieve a unique look for your bar. There are several different profiles to choose from when selecting a router bit such as: bullnose, chamfer, corner round, and cove and bead. Operating a router requires a small degree of experience and a steady hand. A routed edge for a table top gives it a handsome profile.

Another way to make your bar top table stand out is to install ceramic tile for it. The use of mosaic or 4" x 4" tiles will allow you to create some interesting patterns within the space of the bar top. Not only will this be an attractive and unique addition, it will also help protect the bar top table and make clean up a snap.

Either one of these steps can make your bar top table a unique addition to your next party.

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