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As former CEO of a New York City construction company and a single mother, Barbara Kavovit, known as Barbara K, knows what it takes to care for a house. This does not mean the traditional "woman's duties" of cleaning and cooking, but rather tackling her own home repair projects. From her experience in the construction business, Barbara K recognized the need for tools designed specifically for women. For women undertaking home improvement projects, Barbara K has created an extensive line of high quality, guaranteed-forever do-it-yourself kits, tools and accessories. Her brand of barbara k! tools are ergonomically designed to fit women's hands, helping them feel confident, independent and empowered while tackling home improvement repairs.

While working in the construction business for 10 years, Barbara K saw many women feel threatened by tools being sold, or frustrated when they had to rely on someone else to help them fix things around the house. Her "Einstein" idea came to her while watching an episode of "Sex and the City," in which the character Samantha tried unsuccessfully to hang a curtain; she called her boyfriend who would not come over to help her. Barbara saw that a totally modern, independent woman could not put up a curtain rod - but if she had the perfect tool kit, then perhaps she could do it herself. With the knowledge of what women needed and just $8,000, she contacted a designer and then a manufacturer who set her idea in motion: the barbara k! "Solutions for Women" home improvement toolkit.

Barbara K considers her tools to be the ultimate tools for women who need and want to tackle home repairs. Her tools are made to be stylish, to provide knowledge, and to create a feeling of comfort between a woman and her tool.

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A Handywoman from Ohio writes: "This tool kit was one of the first wedding gifts I received. I used it many times over the past few weeks to put together many of my other wedding presents. The tools feel and look great and work well. I love how the tape measure locks with the slight pressure of the thumb. I've used the hammer several times; it fits well in my hand and it's not too heavy."

A Handywoman from California writes: "I've always wanted my own set of tools to maintain the house, put together furniture, put up pictures, help with habitat for humanity, etc. This tool set is perfect for all my needs and it's packaged perfectly so that everything has its place."

If Barbara K had to assemble a basic tool kit for a woman homeowner, apartment dweller or do-it-yourselfer, everything she would choose is already right here. But don't confuse lightweight with light duty. Even though these tools are smaller and easier to handle, they can still get the job done. The barbara k! Basic Toolkit can be found at

Product Spotlight: Barbara K! 30-piece Do It Yourself Toolkit

The barbara k! "Solutions for Women," a signature 30-piece do-it-yourself toolkit, is a must-have for women. It contains everything a woman needs to tackle the most common home enhancement and repair projects - from hanging curtains to fixing a leaky faucet:

  • 7 oz. Fiberglass Claw Hammer: Ergonomically designed for a comfort fit.
  • 6" Slip Joint Pliers: The patented spring assist handle allows for easy use, and the movable joints allow the tool to adjust to two positions.
  • 8" 2-in-1 Level: Features a magnetic base with a removable magnetic level to ensure lines are straight.
  • 6-in-1 Interchangeable Screwdrivers: This powerhouse of versatility and function comes with: 2 slotted- 3/16", 1/4", 2 Phillips- #1, #2, 2 nut drivers- 1/4", 5/16"
  • 6" Adjustable Wrench: Easily attaches itself around nuts and bolts with a comfort grip.
  • 10' Measuring Tape: Has a magnetic back, ensuring accurate measuring
  • 16-piece Hex Key with Ring: These easy-to-use wrenches allow for simple furniture assembly.
  • 1" Putty Knife: More like a metal spatula with a comfort grip, this handy knife can be used for masonry, drywall, or tiling projects.
  • Fastener Assortment: Includes nails, screws, picture hooks, plastic anchors.
  • 'barbara K: A Simple Guide to Home Repair' How to booklet: This booklet addresses everything from simple home improvement issues like the difference between a Philips head and flat head screw driver, to more complex step-by-step instructions for how to:
    -Hang a picture, curtain rod, or shelf
    -Replace a doorknob, showerhead, or leaky faucet
    -Repair a small hole in the wall, a wobbling fan, or a running toilet

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