Base Shoe or Shoe Molding

A base shoe or shoe molding is a strip of wood next to the floor on the interior baseboard. It is also similar to a quarter round only 5/8” x ¾” in size.

When you’re replacing an old floor with a new one, remember to remove the base molding as well as the shoe molding.

If you have hired someone to install your floor, be sure not to panic if you happen to see one of the workers going after your molding, this needs to be done so that the new floor can be put on.

After the new floor is put down right, that is when the base shoe or shoe molding will be put back. So either way, you doing it yourself or hiring others, the shoe molding has to be removed in order to put down your new floor.

Why Base Shoe or Shoe Molding?

With the base shoe or shoe molding you will find that it is a shock resistant baseboard and stronger then pine wood. With a shoe molding the molding is humidity resistant which a great benefit.