Baseboard and Door Matching Tips Baseboard and Door Matching Tips

Here are some tips to matching a room’s door and baseboard. The baseboards, or wall base molding, is a continuous piece of wood that is attached at the base of the wall. It provides protection for the wall and hides the portion of the flooring that meets the wall.

Paint the Baseboards and Doors to Match

A valuable tip in matching the baseboard and room’s door is to paint the baseboards the same color as the door. Most doors found in homes are painted with a brown stain, brown paint or white paint. Which ever color you door is painted, paint the baseboards the same color. This will provide a consistent matched look throughout the room.

Use Similar Material for Baseboards and Doors

Use the same type of wood for your baseboards as is found the door. This should not be difficult to do since most doors and baseboards are made from the material. The door may also have a veneer panel attached to the front to provide an additional measure of protection from the bumps and dinks that occur. Choosing a veneer type of baseboard can match the baseboards exactly without having to go through the process of painting them.

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