Baseboard Heat vs Gas Heat

baseboard heater next to a wooden floor

When choosing between baseboard heat and gas heat, there are many things to consider. Primarily you'll want to think about efficiency, cost, and safety. Each type of heating source has pros and cons. However, when it comes to price, gas heat will almost always be the cost effective choice.

Baseboard Heat Allows Additional Control

If you have baseboard heat in your home, you can enjoy the advantage of turning units on or off as needed. If you have a spare bedroom no one uses, for example, you can choose not to heat it. While you can shut the vents with a gas system, you still loose a small amount of heat into every room.

Gas Heat is Much Cheaper than Baseboard Heat

Baseboard models are essentially built-in space heaters. They use a constant supply of energy to put off heat. However, gas heating systems are more effective. They heat a home to a preset temperature and then maintain it.

The cost per unit of gas is also much cheaper when compared to the equivalent unit of electric. However, natural gas will be much cheaper than propane gas. Because propane has to be delivered and pumped into a tank it often costs substantially more than natural gas.

Picking between natural gas, propane, or baseboard heating systems is a personal choice. However, of the three options natural gas heat is considered the "green," economical, and most efficient form of heat.