Baseboard Installation Guide for Bathrooms

What You'll Need
Vinyl or Plastic Baseboards
Miter Saw
Tape Measure
Baseboard Nails
Clean Cloth

Baseboard installation in a bathroom can be accomplished in the same manner as baseboard installations in other rooms. Installing baseboards requires measuring, cutting, placing and fastening the baseboards to the wall. Baseboards are a trim finish that join the floor to the wall. For bathrooms the best baseboard materials that work the best are plastic or vinyl. These materials are better suited for the moisture build-up and wetness that occurs in the bathroom.

In order to install baseboards in the bathroom you need to obtain the appropriate materials, including vinyl or plastic baseboards, nails or adhesive to fasten the baseboards to the wall, a miter saw to make angled cuts and tape measure to precisely fit the baseboards.

Step 1: Purchase Materials for Bathroom Baseboard Installation

Go to a local home improvement store and purchase the materials needed for the installation of the baseboards in your bathroom. Choose a vinyl or plastic baseboard since these materials will last longer and resist the moisture that builds up in the bathroom. Also purchase nails or adhesive to use to fasten the baseboards to the wall.

Miter saws can be purchased or rented for the period necessary to complete your installation. Be sure to purchase a tape measure if you do not have one at home.

Step 2: Measure the Bathroom

Take measurements of the bathroom walls to determine how much baseboard material is needed for the installation. You will need to make an allowance in your cut for a 45 degree angle at the ends of each the baseboards. Write the measurements down and apply them to the baseboard cuts. Make markings on the wall with the measurements so that they can be matched up with the correct baseboard when you are ready to install them.

Step 3: Cut the Baseboards and Prepare for Installation

Use a miter saw to cut the baseboards, making an angled cut at the ends. Mark the back side of the baseboards to correspond with the section of the wall where they will be attached. Complete your cuts. If using adhesive, apply adhesive to the back of the baseboards. Alternately, some plastic or vinyl baseboards have a nail insert where you can place a nail in order to attach the baseboard to the wall. If using nails, insert the nails accordingly into the baseboards after the cuts in order to get them ready to be hammered into place.

Step 4: Attach Baseboards to Wall

Use a hammer to attach the baseboards to the wall if using nails. If using adhesive to adhere the baseboards to the wall press the baseboard into place firmly. The adhesive material that you use should be designed for wall baseboards. use a clean cloth to wipe away any of the excess adhesive that may seep on the wall. This will complete your installation of your baseboards in the bathroom.