Basement Egress Windows: Casement vs Slider Basement Egress Windows: Casement vs Slider

Basement egress windows are necessary for ventilation your basement. It has two major types of windows – the casement window and the slide window. Below are the comparison between the two types of windows when it comes to energy efficiency, ventilation, maintenance and cast.

Energy Efficiency

Casement windows are effective in preventing air from seeping through its edges since its sash snugs fit well into the weatherstripping. Slider windows on the other hand must be loose enough in its tracks so that you can slide the window without much effort.


When it comes to ventilation, casement windows are ideal since you can open casement windows all the way providing 100 percent of your window space for the air to pass through. Slider windows on the other hand can only be opened half-way.


Casement windows are easy to maintain compared to slider windows. Cleaning slider windows require the use of a ladder to have access to the stationary station of the window. There is also a space between the two sliding windows that overlap each other making it difficult to clean. Casement windows pivot at their hinges moving the sash away from the window frame for easy cleaning.


Slide windows are cheaper than casement windows making it an ideal basement egress window for those with budgetary constraints. 

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