Basement Floor Covering Ideas Basement Floor Covering Ideas

Trying to find a good option for basement floor covering might seem a little challenging given the circumstances. You want to find a flooring option that can withstand being installed below grade and the moisture that comes with it. Here are a few basement floor covering ideas that you should consider.

Sheet Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the most commonly used flooring options in a basement setting. Vinyl is great because it can withstand moisture better than many other types of flooring. You can get it in a number of different looks and patterns. For example, you can get a wood pattern, tile pattern, and even stone if you want. Vinyl has progressed so that it looks very realistic compared to what it once did. Vinyl is also softer underfoot than many other types of flooring. This provides you with a very comfortable and easy to clean surface for your basement. There are many different grades of vinyl that you could consider and most of them are priced very reasonably compared to other types of flooring. This makes it one of the most popular segments in the flooring industry today.

Vinyl Planks

Another option that you should consider is vinyl planks. Vinyl planks come in individual boards and are constructed of high grade durable vinyl. With vinyl planks, you do not have to worry about a roll size, or how big your room is. You can simply buy what you need and fit it to any room. Some of the vinyl planks on the market today also come with a floating installation system. These planks attached to the adjacent planks via an adhesive strip. Therefore, there is no need to attach it to the floor with adhesive. This makes the installation very simple and can be done by anyone with a utility knife. This is an ideal solution if you have a lot of moisture coming up through the subfloor. It may be one of the only options that you could have and still have a warranty.


VCT or vinyl composition tile would be another good option for a basement application. This is the type of tile that you commonly see in grocery stores and commercial applications. It is very good with wet conditions and can be wet mopped if you desire. When installing this type of flooring, you will have to make sure that the subfloor is level and smooth. Otherwise, you will see lumps in the VCT after it is installed. VCT is also one of the cheapest flooring options that you could buy. If you visit some of the large home stores, they buy this by the truckload and will have the best price that you can find anywhere. With this type of flooring, you can also combine colors to create a totally customized look for your basement. Therefore, you can have a durable and beautiful floor for the basement area.

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