Ways to Brighten Your Dim Basement

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When your basement remodel, it can be helpful to include ideas that will help bring more light to the room. Maximizing light sources can make a basement more functional, usable, and pleasant to be in. Follow this advice on basement remodeling and helping you let in the light.

Light-Colored Paint

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to brighten your basement is to use a bright, reflective paint. It will help to amplify the small amount of natural light that comes through the small windows in the basement.

Increase Your Wattage

Use plenty of bright lights in your basement. Lights which generate natural UV light simulate natural lighting. Spotlights are another great option because they can be positioned to remove the shadows from the corners of a basement.

House of Mirrors

One option that can work in certain situations is the use of specialized mirror panels placed in the basement’s window wells. These panels have several variably positioned mirrors which are designed to reflect sunlight through the basement window and into the room below. When using this option, it is also necessary to install a protective cover over the window wells to keep dirt and other debris from getting inside them.