3 Tips on Basement Window Well Installation 3 Tips on Basement Window Well Installation

Window well installation is essential for making your basement safer and creating a lively interior atmosphere. With new methods of design and construction, your basement does not have to be like the traditional dark, scary, and musty place in the house. Installing a window well will make your basement one of the coolest and quietest areas in the house.

Make Use of Natural Light

To cut down on the need for electricity and artificial light, make sure that your window well or wells are spacious enough for fresh air and natural light to pass. They should also be attractive and durable, since they will play a key role in the structure, appearance, and safety of your house.

Invest in the Right Window Well

Instead of using large rocks to truss up your window well, use a one-piece, solid window well. It will not shift or move in wet weather and is made with all of the beauty and durability of stone. The design is easy to install and usually comes with steps or ledges which will allow even children to get out of the basement in case of an emergency.

Choose a Window Well That Needs Little Maintenance

If you do not have the time or inclination to do a frequent maintenance, there are designs that were made with composite materials which are resistant to UV rays, temperature changes, and moisture.

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