Basic Brake Light Repair: How to Fix a Stuck Brake Light Basic Brake Light Repair: How to Fix a Stuck Brake Light

What You'll Need
Adjustable wrench

Brake light repair is a safety issue that shouldn't be postponed. Your brake lights tell the driver behind you that you are slowing down or coming to a stop. If they don't come on, you're asking to be rear-ended. If they are stuck in the on position, other drivers will be confused as to your intentions. As soon as you notice that your brake lights aren't working, stop and address the problem immediately. Often brake light problems are a result of faulty wiring or a bad fuse.

Step 1 - Check Problem

Have someone stand behind your car and observe the brake light as you pump the brakes. If the lights are continuously going off whether you are pressing the brakes or not, then the brake light is stuck. You could also check the brake pedal switch. It is a small button located behind the brake pedal that makes the brake light go off when you press your brakes. This could be stuck or pressed down as well. Try to forcibly pressing it a couple of time until it releases. This could be your only problem.

Step 2 - Check the Fuse

Depending on your car model, the location of the fuse for the brake light will vary. Check your car manual where the fuse is for the brakes. Once you have found it, take it off and put it back in once again. Once again, test the brake light and see if it is still stuck.

Step 3 - Access the Bulb

The bulb could be the source of the problem. Find where you can access it, whether from the inside of the trunk or removing the plastic cover of the brake lights from the outside. Either way, access the bulb, remove it by pushing it down and then twisting it off. Check the bulb, shake it a little and wipe it with a dry cloth. Return the bulb by pressing it down and then twisting it again until it is securely placed. Put back the cover. Press on the brake pad again and observe if the light is still stuck.

Step 4 - Check Power Source of the Car

The brake light could only need resetting. To do this, turn off your engine and go to the hood of the car. Disconnect the negative cable of your car’s battery, wait a few seconds and put it back again. Turn on your engine and once again press on the brake and check the brake light.

Step 5 - Consult a Professional

If all these solutions don’t solve your stuck brake light, take your car to a specialist and have the problem checked. The problem could be  something else within your braking system.

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