Basic Kneeling Computer Chair Design

The design of a kneeling computer chair is fairly simple. Comfortable and ergonomic, a chair that allows you to kneel in front of the keyboard lets you maintain your straight posture while taking the pressure off of your feet. There are several types of ergonomic kneeling chairs. Some are on wheels and have adjustable legs while older models are constructed upon a fixed frame.

Ergonomic Computer Chair Design

At its most basic, an ergonomic kneeling computer chair distributes your body weight between your backside and your knees. By taking the full weight off of your backside, you are less inclined to slouch. The design is simple: A comfortable seat without a back is positioned at about a 30-degree angle. At the front of the chair, forward and below the seat cushion is a cushion for your knees also at about a 30 degree angle–perpendicular to the first cushion. When seated in the chair, you look as though you are crouching. An equal amount of weight is on the seat cushion and the knee cushion. Some designs use two cushions, one for each knee. The frame may either be a solid fixture or include adjustable legs.

An ergonomic computer chair keeps your back straight while at the same time taking the weight of your body off of your legs and feet. If you work on a computer, an ergonomic chair could greatly improve your comfort level.