Basic Maintenance for a Solar Hot Water Heater Basic Maintenance for a Solar Hot Water Heater

A solar hot water heater is a device that will capture the sun’s energy and use it to heat up water for home use. Rather than use natural gas or electricity to heat water, a solar water heater saves you money after your initial investment and may even earn you a tax credit. The two basic kinds of solar water heating systems are active and passive. Active generally costs more to install and maintain, but both types require routine maintenance that you should be familiar with.

Maintaining Your Solar Water Heater

If you use an active system, you will periodically need to check pumps and controllers. If they are not in good working order, the flow of hot water through your pipes could be disrupted. There is also insulation surrounding wires and pipes running from the solar collector to the storage tank. Heat loss could occur if the insulation is not adequate or peeling away. Indirect circulatory systems use a heat-transfer fluid like antifreeze that you must replace from time to time.

Both active and passive systems store the hot water in an insulated storage tank. You must occasionally check for cracks, rust or corrosion in the tank.

If you keep up with the proper maintenance of your solar hot water heating system, the device will last you many years and save you thousands of dollars over the long run.

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