Basic Maintenance for Solar Hot Water Panels Basic Maintenance for Solar Hot Water Panels

Keep up with the basic maintenance of solar hot water panels as a routine part of using that type of system to heat water in your home. Rather than heat water with a traditional electric or gas water heater, a solar water heater captures and uses the sun’s energy to heat water for your home. Because there are more parts involved in this process, some basic maintenance of the panels is required.

Maintenance for Solar Water Heating Panels

The 3 basic things you need to watch out for regarding the solar panels are:

  • Shade
  • Soil
  • Seals

If vegetation is allowed to grow around the panels, or if adjacent trees or shrubs grow too high and block out the sun, the efficiency of the panels will be compromised. Therefore, periodically climb onto the roof and make sure the panels are free to receive as much direct sunlight as possible.

If they get dirty because of dust and debris, the panels will also work less efficiently. At the same time that you are checking for too much shade, clean the panels to make sure they are always free of sun-blocking debris.

Lastly, check the seals around the glazing and the soundness of the containment boxes for the absorbent plates or tubes. After massive solar exposure, certain materials break down and may need replacing.

By maintaining your solar panels, they will work efficiently for a long time and continue to produce energy to heat the water that comes into your home.

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