Basic Plumbing Questions Answered

If you are looking to get some of your plumbing questions answered then here are a few common and basic ones to be addressed that may help you out.

Question 1 - How Do You Snake A Tub Drain

In order to snake a tub drain you will have to take off the overflow plate first. You can do this by removing the screws around it easily with a screwdriver. Once you have taken it off you can use a plumbers drain snake, which kind of looks like a pipe brush but thinner and you can move it in and out and all around the opening as far as it will go. The reason for this is that whatever may be caught will be broken down by the snaking and can either be removed or will flow out in pieces. Or if it is hair, which is common, it will break into smaller pieces.

Question 2 - How Should You Fixed a Clogged Sink

The first thing you want to do is try hot water. Many times running very hot water through will loosen up anything that is blocking or clogging the sink. If this step does not work then you can move on to a liquid cleaner or unclogger. This can be used as per the directions on the back of the bottle. Basically you will want to pour a determined amount down the drain and let it sink. Then once it begins to go down or the time has run out you can rinse it with hot water. If this still does not work then you can take apart the drain under the sink with a wrench and snake it like the above instructions.

Question 3 - Why Does the Faucet Drip When the Toilet Is Flushed?

This is a very common problem and sometimes happens when you have installed one or the other. The most likely answer to this is that there is a loose washer. This can be fixed easily with a wrench.

Question 4 - What to Do When Pipes Rattle

This is also a common question and can be fixed a couple different ways. First you want to make sure that your pipe is not old or rusted and that it is properly insulated because rattling can be heard if one of these things is not done properly or has worn out. Second you can check to see if a washer in either the faucet or value is loose. Or if the pipe is touching a hard surface or another pipe because it has moved over the years or become loose it could rattle against it when water moves through. All of these can be fixed easily be either a replacement pipe or a tighten of a washer.

Each one of these questions is common and can help you with some of the basic plumbing problems that you experience. Make sure that when doing any project you check to see if it is up to code in your village building department and that you are taking safety precautions and shutting power or water supplies off.