Basic Shower Door Replacement Parts You Will Need

Shower door replacements parts are available aplenty today to improve the look of your bathrooms. Shower doors are usually standard glass doors that have been frosted to make it translucent instead of transparent. There are many parts that go into making a shower door which can be replaced over time.

A roller is a very important part for the shower door which helps reducing the friction while opening the door. There are different types of rollers and depending on the physical dimensions, you can find one that is suited to your needs.

These are the parts that are used to serve as a path for the door to slide on. A bumper or guide helps in prolonging the life of a door and also makes it easier to operate the door. The most commonly used material is either a vinyl or some sort of a polymer.


A catch is something that secures the shower door firmly in place. There are different types of these available as well with the stainless steel variety being the most commonly used one. Catches also have multiple mechanisms that are in play and depending on your requirements; you can install a suitable one.

Miscellaneous Parts
These are parts like pivots and enclosure brackets that are used to fasten the shower door onto the tub or the surrounding walls. The enclosure brackets are available in a variety of sizes and it is dependent on the size of the shower door.