Basic Gardening Tips Basic Gardening Tips

Everyone likes a healthy garden! Here are some easy tips to keep your garden in tip top shape:

  • It's best to mulch your flower garden with organic material since it conserves water. The mulch should be around three inches tall so that weeds will be very unlikely to grow. Mulch also adds the benefit of a nice appearance.

  • Natural and organic materials encourage earthworms, who are gardeners' favorite little helpers. Earthworms till and condition the dirt as well as provide fertilizer.

  • If you have any acid-loving plants, mulch with pine needles. When the needles decompose, they will leave acid in the ground.

  • Try natural or organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers. A toxic buildup in our soil and water supply is a result of inorganic fertilizers.

  • For the best results, check the plant's average temperature and soil and aim for ones that are closest to your backyard.

  • Plant trees where shade would be enjoyed, for example, by a doghouse, swing set, patio, etc.

  • Most insects are actually not harmful; less than two percent, to be exact. Research which bugs you have and find out whether or not they will harm your foliage.

  • Water your plants in the early morning; it's the best time of the day to do so.

  • Plant your new plants at night or an overcast day. They have a better survival rate at those times rather than dry sunny days.

  • Have weeds? Who ya gonna call? Vinegar! It's nature's very own natural weed buster that is safe for everyone, except those unwanted weeds.

  • Want your fountain or sculpture to be the focal point of your yard? Formal gardens are best planted around these decorative additions.

  • Garden dimensions not exactly what you wanted? To make your garden appear larger than it actually is, plant your warm colors in the front and cool colors in the back.

  • Want your garden to pop? Reds, oranges, and yellows help draw the eye.

  • Cool colors are best in shaded area because bright light washes those colors out.

  • Have pets that might eat your plants? Do some research before buying; some flowers are poisonous.

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